About Our Team

Prod MBA was founded by Henry Latham, a product leader based in Berlin, with a small team of product wizards based in Germany & Croatia.

We are proudly self-funded and want to keep it that way (see why here).

Our Backstory

When I started out as a Product Manager, I had no idea what I should be doing or what was expected of me. It was super stressful: Rushing around trying to work out what to do, whilst managing a team & constantly worrying about whether my company would collapse.

I felt like I was improving slowly through trial & error, but to accelerate my career (and to keep the business afloat), I didn’t have the time or money to spend on an expensive Product Management course, and felt like I had little to no career support from my network or from any online resources.

2 years later, however, we closed the business as a result of making poor product decisions.

Despite the setback, I knew that learning how to build great products was the right path towards financial freedom - whether through my own business, or as a product manager - &, also, it was the path towards being able to travel & work remotely.

So I decided to focus all of my efforts on mastering what great Product Management was, launching my own freelance business 2 years ago to apply what I was learning through books, podcasts & speaking with product leaders.

But I realised that you could never replace experience with simple theory - with a course, for example - and expect to see results. Instead, by learning & rapidly applying what I was learning in my day-to-day role, my career accelerated quickly.

Today, I earn up to €1k per day working as a Senior Product Manager, working flexibly from wherever I want (I’m in Brazil enjoying some sun & surfing at the moment) & living the dream I envisioned for myself when starting out on this journey two years ago.

Now, our team wants to help you achieve the same results.

Thanks for reading & we hope you love using this tool as much as we love working on it,

Henry Latham, Founder

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Henry Latham

Henry Latham

Founder, Prod MBA

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