The Genius

Companies aren’t run by Steve Jobs-type visionaries.

Many people may think they are Jobs reincarnate, living up to the over-exaggerated, inaccurate myth of the lone visionary, forging ahead to create his unique, compelling vision of the world.

Most of them are kidding themselves.

“Genius is only a superior power of seeing.”

— John Ruskin

The bad leaders pretend they have vision & know where they are leading you because they can’t be bothered — or are unable to — either share what that vision looks like in a clear, concise way, or they simply have no vision.

They’ll try to stifle dissent & silence the questions because they purport to know what they are doing.

The good leaders are the real geniuses, however. Not because of IQ, not because of having solved some infamous scientific problem, not because they won a nation-wide spelling bee aged 11.

They are the real geniuses because they are able to see what others are not. They are able to see where the future is heading & have a clear vision to match how they, you, your company, will adapt to that future successfully.

They may not be the smartest person in the room — they probably aren’t — but they are the ones able to create a clear vision, convey that vision to others & work out the main steps they need to take to get there.

Despite all the noise. The distractions. The competing voices around them. The uncertainty the future holds.

Despite all of it, they can see where they need to go.

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