Habits Form the Foundations of Business Success

You can bring in new leadership to radically transform a company. Pay a consultancy firm millions to point out flaws you already see. Put systems in place to change culture.

But employees are still liking to go through the motions, doing things as they have always done them. Always defaulting to their past behaviour.

Come in at 9.30. Check emails. Meeting. Lunch. Meeting. Emails. Coffee machine. Look busy. Leave.

If we are creatures of habit, then the companies we collectively represent become creatures of habit.

One that evolves independently of conscious action. One that, once set, is difficult to influence. Rather than trying to shift these leviathans, better to start with the foundations.

Change employee habits.

Request meeting times to be under 30 minutes. Ask everyone to experiment with journaling, meditating, 80/20 analysis. Get them to do it on company time so they actually bother.

Transform your employees into more conscious, pro-active & analytical beings & you are likely to find that your company quickly follows suit.

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Henry Latham

Henry Latham

Founder, Prod MBA

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