What Really Matters in Life

We start off believing that success equates wealth & status. That if we get just a little bit more money or that extra promotion, that our sense of self-worth will drastically change for the better. That we will all of a sudden be eternally happy.

Yet when we worry about how much more money we could make, about what others think, about scheming our way to the top, we became enslaved by negativity, by ingratitude, by selfishness.

Then where are we left? More of a slave than when we started our pursuit.

“You can be externally free and internally a slave…conversely you could be externally obstructed or even in literal bondage but internally free from frustration and disharmony.”

— AA Long

But the question is, when you realise that truth, will you continue in your pursuit of fickle material success, or will you, instead, work on your relationship with yourself?

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Henry Latham

Henry Latham

Founder, Prod MBA

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