How Antonia Became A More Confident Product Leader

We Were Doing Product Wrong

Even though I was active in the Berlin startup scene, and already in a product role by the time the Prod MBA rolled around, I never really felt like I was really ‘doing’ Product Management.

Also, up until that point I had never been at a company that did product ‘the right way’.

I really wanted to focus on becoming more customer centric and solving real user problems, but I had lost hope that I would ever be able - or even allowed - to do that at my job, where I was simply executing whatever was given to me.

I Needed Change

I’m quite an outspoken person, so I kept trying to push and push for more autonomy in my job.

I also kept asking to be given problems to solve instead of fully formed feature ideas.

I was reading lots of product books and blogs, and was looking at product management programmes as well, but everything was purely theoretical - I couldn’t find somewhere to practice this.

Open, Honest Conversations

Something that struck me very early on is that the Prod MBA is very honest and open about the shortcomings of popular frameworks.

My confidence in the Prod MBA only increased when I got to hear more of Henry’s thoughts on what ‘good’ product management is, and why understanding - and validating! - the problem space first and foremost is the most important thing.

Finally, the team wasn’t shy about telling us that it was gonna be an intense six weeks, which was exactly the challenge I was looking for.

Needless to say that the focus on being very hands-on made it stand out from all other programmes I had looked at.

Out of My Comfort Zone!

Simply put: During the Prod MBA I was doing things I had never done before!

I was putting myself out there, speaking to complete strangers about my problem space, and continuously harnessing new insights.

Instead of only reading about what I should be doing, I was right there doing it.

The Prod MBA gave me a blueprint for how to be an effective PM, and every time I use it, I get more confident in my abilities.

A Blueprint For My Career

I think the programme really made me realise what I’m looking for in my dream role, and it gave me the tools to get there, too.

I’m in a role now where I do a lot more problem validation and discovery work, and I would absolutely be floundering if it wasn’t for the Prod MBA.

Knowing that I can rely on the skills I learned during this programme makes me confident that given enough time to explore, I can solve any customer problem.


Antonia has worked in product for 5 years & is now Head of Community at Prod MBA

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