How Luke Built A Profitable Product in 6 Weeks

Stuck In A Feature Factory

In the past, I have felt stuck in my comfort zone & realised I needed to learn & develop my skills as a Product Manager.

To really experience what building product from start to revenue was really like.

In previous roles, I had usually become frustrated - stuck in a Feature Factory just pushing features that didn’t make sense - and used that as an excuse to stop learning.

At times, I felt my career was not progressing.

Hands-On & Practical

The Prod MBA really changed this for me.

The hands-on, practical nature of the programme, combining good theory with pushing you to put theory into practice every single week, was so refreshing - and really powerful.

You’re really pushed to get through each stage of the product process - even when you’re doubting your idea - building your resilience & confidence along the journey.

Generating Real Revenue

When my product actually generated revenue in Week 6, I realised how much I had progressed!

I realised I was able to take something from start to finish in 6-8 weeks & achieve my initial goal of creating a revenue-generating product - whilst learning some new skills along the way.

Continuing My Journey

Since finishing the programme, I’ve become a lot more aware of needing to work in the right environment to develop my skills so I can maximise my impact - and share those skills with others on my teams.

I am also continuing to work on my personalised coaching service to see where it leads & to continue building my product skills!


Luke has worked as a London-based Product Manager for 6 years, recently being hired at Facebook as a PM.

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